In order to provide good functioning of this web site, we are sometimes saving small data files, the so-called cookies, to your device. It is a common procedure for most of the bigger websites.

What are cookie files?

Cookie files are small text files that are being saved into your computer or mobile device by a website when visiting it. Thanks to this file, the web site is able to save the information about your steps and preferences for a short period of time (information such as log-in, language, font size and other settings), so that you don´t have to re-set them when visiting a website again.

How do we use cookie files?

These websites use cookie files to remember the user settings as well as to adjust the advertisements according to visitors´ interests and to provide the unnecessary functioning of the websites.

How to control cookie files?

You can control and delete the cookie files according to your own preferences – you can find the details at You can delete all the cookie files saved to your computer and set most of your browsers to disable their saving. In such case, you may have to manually adjust some of the settings; it is possible that some functions will not be working properly too.

How to decline cookie files?

You can adjust the settings for cookie files saving within your browser. Most browsers primarily save all the cookie files automatically.

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