EU, 20.08.2019

You may have met him already: a young man wearing a baseball cap, standing still with a sketchbook in his hands, sketching the street scene in front of him in detail. You may even have found yourselves in one of his sketches. Or you just know his work from books and posters he had been working on. Marek Cina is one of the broadly focused artists whose work has been mainly influenced by his interest in the book phenomenon. He was born in 1987 in Prešov and has been interested in artistic work since the early childhood. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Košice in the years 2002 – 2006. Next stop was the Academy of Fine arts and Design in Bratislava, Institute of Printmaking and Other Media, Studio of Free Printmaking and Illustration of Professor Dušan Kállay. Now, he is still at the university as a doctoral candidate. He works with a broad variety of media, from traditional printmaking techniques and digital illustration to 3D objects and painting. The peculiar accuracy of the scenes, characters and situations as well as the outstanding sense of humour remain the typical mark of his work.


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