EU, 20.08.2019

We would like to introduce you another one of our artists – a person you may have not heard about before, but you sure will in the future. Representing young artistic blood, Jozef Gľaba is currently a 2nd grade student of Academy of Fine arts and Design in Bratislava on the Institute of Printmaking and Other Media, in the Studio of doc. Vojtech Kolenčík, Academic painter.

He does not like to stick to just one technique, medium or topic; although the main point of
his current work lays in printmaking, he has also found himself in typography, collage-making and photography. He is also familiar with large format work as well as work in the public space. Urban art and the aesthetics of graffiti and street art – those were the ones of the most important impulses for his art; and they still leave a great impact on it. They have transformed themselves into his passion for writing, a game with its shape and form, as well as into the urban space inspiration as such.


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