EU, 20.08.2019


Verve.Gallery cooperates with many creators who use various techniques, styles and media for their art work. Are you also an artist and would you like to belong to them?Are you looking for new possibilities to promote and distribute your work? Would you like to become a part of our community, gain new contacts or cooperate on new interesting projects? You just need to follow a simple procedure consisting of a few steps:


1. Set your account

REGISTRATION is the first step. Based on your registration there will be a new user account on Verve.Gallery. //Click on the account pictogram in the upper left part, then click REGISTER and please fill in the required information. Your nick will be a pseudonym you will use to present yourself here. If you´d like to use your real name instead of a nick, please enter your name and surname there. Plaese click on REGISTER after filling in all the information. //


2. Creator Account Request

You can request a set-up of creator account in the menu of your user account by clicking on the option CREATOR. You will be asked to fill in a form containing the information about your contact details, your art work and short description about your current work. We are currently accepting only the works from which various printmaking or production derivates can be made afterwards – such as prints for the clothing, bags etc. Then it is necessary to read and agree with the licence and contract conditions. These conditions contain also a system for rewarding the creators. You need to enclose at least 3 pieces of your art work to the request // .jpg, files, not bigger than 1MB//. It is recommended to enclose the most representative pieces from your portfolio that can demonstrate the techniques and style you´d like to present yourself with in the Verve.Gallery. Please enter a short summary about yourself, relevant to your art work, into the “About me” field. You can include any education, success, exhibitions, prizes, skills, preferred techniques or media you are working with. If you like to custom-make some pieces for the customers // custom-making a piece of art for the customer with respect to your artistic style//, do not forget to mark this option in the field within contact details.


3. Creator Account Set-up

As the Verve.Gallery attempts to offer its customers the most interesting and original creators as well as their work, each request will be evaluated by a professional team who will consider the conceptual and the qualitative aspects of the art work according to the portal´s regulations. You will be informed about the team´s decision by e-mail. In case you get accepted you will have your Creator Account activated. This will enable you to add your works, edit your portfolio, see the sale of your products, height of your commissions or options for the disbursement in transparent charts.


If you are interested in this offer and you would like to become a member of our portal do not hesitate to use this opportunity and contact us. The Verve.Gallery is already looking forward to the future cooperation with you!

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